Klau calibrated DJI cameras for aerial surveying
Accurate camera positions for your Matrice 200/210/210RTK
Turn your Inspire 2 into a precise mapping machine
Compatible with PhaseOne and Hasselblad on UAVs or manned aircraft
KlauPPK Phantom4 Pro turn-key precise aerial surveying system
Ruggedised systems for manned aircraft
KlauPPK end-to-end cloud photogrammetry processing & project collaboration
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Why Verity Positioning

Accurate UAV Mapping

Compatible with most UAVs and cameras, including DJI, the Verity Positioning system enables you to fly your missions as you do now, but achieve far better results.

The Verity software applies sophisticated yet simple data management and processing to geotag photos with precise PPK positions, in any coordinate system.

Cameras can be calibrated on site, to achieve the best possible absolute results, including height.


Placing GCPs (ground targets) is time consuming, expensive and not effective for large projects. This can often take much more time than the aerial data acquisition. Surveying GCPs can be a slow or sometimes impossible task. Smart GCPs require time to be recovered after the flight. Errors grow with distance from the GCPs particularly with low quality non-metric cameras

Verity Positioning overcomes these pain points by removing the need to travel the entire site, improving logistics efficiencies, saving time and money to improve project profitability.

We do recommend that you include independent check points in your mapping to prove just how accurate Verity Positioning is.

Introducing Verity Mapper, a flexible solution for UAV mapping, surveying and inspection

A synergy of three best-in-class geospatial products, enabling  reliable, survey grade mapping, turning drones into precise, efficient mapping machines.

Verity Positioning

Providing accurate geotagging of photos and camera calibration point coordinates from any drone, in any coordinate system. Accurate data into the system leads to the most reliable, repeatable outcomes.

Autodesk Recap Photo

Seamlessly integrated, true Software as a Service for top quality photogrammetry processing. Upload your photos, pick you calibration points or GCPs and create orthophotos, DTMs, 3D mesh models and pointclouds.


Cloud-based 3D geospatial data management, visualization, collaboration and delivery. Your data moves immediately from your 4DMapper account to Autodesk and results are back in your project as soon as they are processed.