Klau calibrated DJI cameras for aerial surveying

Accurate camera positions for your Matrice 200/210/210RTK

Turn your Inspire 2 into a precise mapping machine

Compatible with PhaseOne and Hasselblad on UAVs or manned aircraft

KlauPPK Phantom4 Pro turn-key precise aerial surveying system - Coming Soon

Intel Falcon8+ PPK enabled with KlauPPK

PPK positioning for your Intel MAVinci Sirius and other fixed wing drones

Ruggedised systems for manned aircraft

KlauPPK end-to-end cloud photogrammetry processing & project collaboration

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Simple. Smart. UAV PPK Georeferencing System.

The Klau PPK direct georeferencing for drones, as the world’s most accurate PPK georeferencing system, is a synergy of hardware, software and methodology to add unprecedented accuracy and efficiency to your UAV and manned aerial mapping operations.

Aerial surveying with UAVs traditionally needs many ground control points across a site to achieve absolute geo-positioning accuracy. With the KlauPPK system there is a simple, effective solution.

KlauPPK plugs onto most drones to collect high precision data, resulting in 3cm XYZ ground accuracy in any global or local coordinate system. With the Klau PPK direct georeferencing, UAVs can cover larger area in a single flight by reducing the side overlap down to 40%. Thanks to the pre-calibrated cameras that come as part of the Klau PPK direct georefrencing system for DJI drones, data processing takes significantly less time since the photogrammetry processing software doesn’t have to work hard to estimate the camera calibration parameters and deals with less number of photos.

Save time and money while increasing accuracy and efficiency.

UAV PPK georeferencing system

This is a premium georeferencing product.

Way more than just GPS hardware, the KlauPPK system is a complete turnkey solution to turn your drone into an accurate mapping machine :

  • Accurate absolute 3D data capture on your UAV. Plug-and-play hardware installation, easy operation, sophisticated geo-tagging software.
  • Unlike other solutions, KlauPPK is precisely synchronised with the camera sensor(instead of getting the camera events externally from memory card or similar approaches) to ensure exact middle of exposure timing within 1ms and provide highly accurate camera positions at any speed.
  • 555 channel all-constellation multi-frequency positioning solution including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS and IRNSS L1/L2/L5 powered by Novatel OEM 7 series with hot swappable batteries for extended operation.
  • No need for field surveying. Save time and money without spending hours in field. Blanket your entire site in aerial control points, improve efficiency with minimal site access while achieving the highest possible absolute mapping accuracy.
  • Any UAV, any camera. Compatible with most UAVs and cameras, including DJI, the Klau PPK system enables you to fly your missions as you do now, but achieve far better results, increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Post-process GNSS data in any global or local site coordinate system using your own base station, VRS or CORS network. Camera positions are computed with applying 3D lever arm offsets caused by aircraft motions.
  • Use drone as a GPS surveying gear to collect accurate check points anywhere in the site.
  • Define and create local site coordinate system or use your existing local site calibration data.
  • Calibrated cameras for DJI drones to achieve unprecedented XYZ accuracy and significantly reduce photogrammetric processing time.
  • Optional fully automated end-to-end cloud photogrammetry and data management package, seamlessly integrated with 4DMapper.com data management, visualization and collaboration, leveraging the power of the cloud.
  • Solid customer support by professional photogrammetrists and surveyors.

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