Klau calibrated DJI cameras for aerial surveying

Accurate camera positions for your Matrice 200/210/210RTK

Turn your Inspire 2 into a precise mapping machine

Compatible with PhaseOne and Hasselblad on UAVs or manned aircraft

KlauPPK Phantom4 Pro turn-key precise aerial surveying system - Coming Soon

Intel Falcon8+ PPK enabled with KlauPPK

PPK positioning for your Intel MAVinci Sirius and other fixed wing drones

Ruggedised systems for manned aircraft

KlauPPK end-to-end cloud photogrammetry processing & project collaboration

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Simple. Smart.

The Klau PPK Geo-Referencing System is a synergy of hardware, software and methodology to add unprecedented accuracy and efficiency to your UAV and manned aerial mapping operations.